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Respirator Fit Testing

Respirator Fit Testing Services

Respirator fit testing is crucial for employees to ensure that their masks provide an effective seal, preventing the inhalation of harmful substances. This safeguards their respiratory health and contributes to a safe work environment, especially in industries where exposure to airborne contaminants is a concern.
The importance of fit testing

Fit testing is performed to check the seal around tight fitting respirators to ensure you are receiving the masks full intended protection. Quantitative fit testing is the most reliable objective method of fit testing and is considered the gold standard.

Our fit test operators are trained in the correct use of testing equipment and protocols to ensure reliable and objective test results for employees.

Fit testing is conducted in reference to fit test protocols in AS/NZS 1715, OSHA 1910.134 and ISO 16975-3.

Benefits of fit testing

Mitigate the risk of respiratory illnesses by ensuring a secure fit.
Meet regulatory standards and create a compliant workplace.
Boost employee confidence and productivity with reliable respiratory protection.


We only use registered occupational health nurses to perform fit tests who have extensive experience in respiratory protection and occupational health.


We will tailor an onsite program for you that is efficient and cost effective to minimise workplace disruption.


We attend your workplace and can accomodate testing outside normal business hours, to meet your operational or staffing requirements.

Other services

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  • Drug & alcohol testing
  • Workplace immunisation clinics
  • Temporary OH&S personnel

COVID-19 Services

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