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Graduate Program


At JSB Occupational Health, we are committed to enhancing the skills, knowledge and expertise of workers within the Occupational Health and Safety sector, and consequentially the service delivery standards they can provide to the professional, corporate and industrial sectors.

As part of this commitment, the JSB Occupational Health and Safety Graduate Program has been designed to provide a structured framework to assist in the development and growth of new talent in the Occupational Health industry.

Specifically, it leverages from the experience and knowledge of subject matter experts in the field, building both the practical and theoretical knowledge of new talent, and is based upon a foundation of structured learning.

Key learning outcomes are identified and agreed at the start of the program, and progress is measured along the way through both technical and non-technical reviews and assessments. That is, there will be regular opportunities for hands-on demonstrations by the subject matter expert/coach, as well as verbal discussions with the coach and fellow colleagues about processes, procedures and operational elements.

Formal feedback mechanisms are utilised to shape and adjust the learner pathway in the program to ensure that the learning experience is maximised, and the objectives are realised. Success is measured through the graduate’s achievement of identified learning outcomes.

The graduate’s support network includes a mentor, who will assist in reviewing the performance of the graduate and shaping the direction of the learning pathway in partnership with the coach.

The JSB Occupational Health Development Program Framework

Central to the Graduate Development Program is the Learning and Development Framework. This provides the structured learning process in which the outcomes will be measured and assessed. It encompasses both on-the-job learning (through experiential training and practical observation), as well as theoretical exercises.

The framework includes:

  • Induction Program
  • Buddying Program
  • Coaching and Mentoring Program
  • Monthly 1:1 Meetings
  • Quarterly Progress Review Sessions
Induction Program

The JSB Induction Program encompasses an overview of the industry, the client organisation, the workplace environment and the role. It provides an important introduction to the working environment and the role so that the graduate/new talent is set up for success.

The graduate will meet with key stakeholders and colleagues, and will be introduced to the workplace standards and procedures.

Buddying Program

Each new graduate will be paired with a buddy at the start of the program who has recent experience in adapting to a new workplace or role. The buddy may be someone who themselves have recently completed the graduate program or is fairly new to the specific workplace environment. The buddy provides ongoing support and guidance to the graduate, and welcomes the opportunity for the graduate to ask any questions they may have along the way.

Coaching and Mentoring Program

Role of Coach
The coach is the key support role for the graduate during the program, and provides specific subject matter expertise on a daily basis. The coach will work very closely with the graduate to develop the specific learning objectives and outcomes, shape the learning pathway, and will provide hands-on training to the graduate through active demonstrations and theoretical discussions.

In addition to providing regular coaching sessions aligned to the agreed learning objectives, the coach will be involved in the Monthly 1:1 Meetings and Quarterly Progress Review Sessions.

Role of Mentor
The mentor provides directional support to both the coach and the graduate. Whilst the mentor is not involved in the day to day learning and coaching program, they will provide guidance and leadership during the Quarterly Progress Review sessions, and also on an ad hoc basis as required.

Quarterly Progress Review Sessions

The Quarterly Review Session will comprise of a 360 degree review involving the graduate, coach and mentor. A JSB Occupational Health and Safety HR representative may also be present during the Review Sessions.

Both the graduate and the coach will be required to prepare for the Quarterly Review Sessions, reflecting upon key elements of the learning program. Specifically, there will be a review of:

  • The graduate’s progress over the past three months against agreed learning objectives
  • Key achievements
  • Development opportunities
  • Barriers for success

As an outcome of the Quarterly Review Session, a detailed three month development plan will be developed by the graduate and coach, and agreed with the mentor.

Monthly 1:1 Meetings

A template will be provided to guide a structured monthly discussion between the graduate and the coach. The template will need to be completed by the graduate prior to the development session. The Monthly 1:1 Session will encompass a discussion on the progress of the graduate, and specific development opportunities and focus for the next month.

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