Corporate Health Assessments

As part of our dedication to providing preventative health services to workplace environments, we can provide you with individual and tailored assessments of employees’ current health status and potential risks. JSB staff will meet with you to determine the most relevant and effective means of increasing knowledge of well-being and healthy lifestyle options within your workplace. Our Tailored Health Assessment Program aims to empower your employees with knowledge of their own health status and provide strategies aimed at developing a healthy approach to their lifestyle.

Numerous studies have demonstrated a positive correlation between health and wellbeing of employees and business productivity. Not to mention, a positive workplace culture and improved staff morale.

Our Services include (but not limited to):

  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Blood Glucose Screening
  • Blood Cholesterol Screening
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Diet & Nutrition Education
  • Ergonomic Analysis
  • Heart Health Screening
  • Health Topic Seminars
  • Lung Function Testing
  • Medical Risk Screening

At JSB we pride ourselves on the delivery of a professional service and confidentiality is of paramount importance to us.

Our Health assessments are conducted by Division 1 Registered Nurses who are trained and experienced in Occupational Health and Safety as well as Health Promotion.  We offer an Online Booking Service and have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance cover.

Each employee will receive written documentation of their screening results as well as professional advice and strategies to optimise healthy outcomes.

JSB welcomes the opportunity to tailor a health assessment program to your organizations goals and objectives.

For further information and discussion, please call 1300 371 381.

Fit For Life : Fit For Work

For more information about our Corporate Health Assessment service, please contact JSB at or call 1300 371 381.

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