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In the back of a small office, a couple of Registered Nurses knew they could make a significant difference to the lives of Australians by focusing on preventative health and well being strategies.

After years of working at the coal face in hospital environments, often witnessing the outcomes of incidents which may have been prevented through a healthier lifestyle or workplace environment, they hatched a plan…

“How can we best help Industries, Corporations, Government bodies, Schools and high-risk workplace environments to prevent the type of health issues and workplace accidents we are seeing on a daily basis?”

“What if we brought together the best of the occupational health nurses and safety professionals and educated workplaces on the benefits of preventative health programs?”.

“What if we provide them with the expertise on the ground to assist them with their business?”

Day and night, they spoke with business owners on their brick-like mobile phones, keen to learn about the workplace environment and areas of health risk. There was a recurring theme. Owners desperately wanted their staff to be healthy and safe, but they needed help. They needed trained personnel, with expertise in Occupational Health and Safety to assist them – when and where required.

Often with their children in tow, they plotted and planned their new business. They wanted to make a difference to people’s lives, focus upon preventative measures rather than cures, and turn the spotlight on health and well-being.

This was in the era that it wasn’t unusual for a worker to smoke at their desk!


Forward almost 30 years, and JSB is the leading Australian provider of Occupational Health and Safety Solutions.

We cater to the professional, corporate and industrial sectors across a range of specialist fields in Occupational Health, Safety and Environment. Whether you require temporary or permanent job placement, or services in student health, our aim is to match the right person for the right job.

Our company was founded with a strong code of work ethics and we are committed to a high level of service. Our qualified and professional consultants are dedicated to building long-term working relationships with both you our client, as well as our candidates.

JSB has an operational philosophy that is based on the belief that effective recruitment must take into consideration the individual needs of both the client and the candidate. We will provide you with a personalised service, objective advice and confidentiality. Presenting only those candidates who meet predetermined specifications.

JSB Occupational Health and Safety Personnel have a comprehensive, totally computerised database of permanent and temporary candidates, for fast, effective skills matching. Our "state of the art" payroll and temp systems ensure a reliable cost effective service.


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Director and Founder

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General Manager

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